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The Lhasa Apso is the prize of the toy group in my very humble opinion. They are one of the sweetest yet confident breeds in the world. Their appearance is breathtaking and is only outdone by their comedic behavior. Lhasa Apso's crave brisk and long walks. They thrive off of attention and are amazing companions. They are best with older children who respect boundaries.

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Stories From Real Life Lhasa Apso Owners

Pepperoncini, the Lhasa Apso

It was love at first site meeting Pepper, my parents Lhaso Apso. Her hair fur was long and parted right down the middle. Her appearance was cartoonish yet breath-taking. She was already about 4 years old and had been abandoned/lost by her previous owners. My parents and I made every effort to find her owners but it was in vain. My father always swears off getting another dog, as he really takes it hard when they finally pass to the Rainbow Bridge. But Pepper proved too irresistible and she took her place among the family; right above me.

Grooming Nightmare

The first order of business was to cut/shave Pepper. Lhaso Apso’s have beautiful flowing hair and are the darling of the toy breeds, but living up among pine trees (sap) we knew that keeping her “show ready” wasn’t going to be an option. Which brings me to the point of grooming. If you’re in love with the appearance of Lhaso Apso’s when they’re all dolled up, as an owner, you’re really going to have to put in the work to keep it up. It can be fun and rewarding to brush and accessorize them with pretty barrettes, but all it takes is a little mischief to ruin a beautifully groomed dog. Grooming apathy is not something that should be taken lightly with this breed, as it can lead to health issues. Pepper is just as adorable to us shaved and she’s much happier with us not making such a fuss over her appearance. She can be a dog, and nothing makes a Lhaso Apso happier than being allowed to be a dog. One positive note about grooming, is they shed very infrequently.

Lhaso Apso's disposition

Pepper, (or as I nicknamed her, Pepperoncini), is a playful delight. She loves brisk walks and to roughhouse. But if you have young children running around the house, there’s one thing you should be aware of - Lhaso Apso’s tolerate children, but they love adults. Pepperoncini will wrestle me, let me get in her face, and interpret it as having a good time. My children however, don’t have that luxury; the trust just isn’t there. On more than one occasion, my toddlers have gotten in her face, and Pepper quickly became annoyed and snapped at them. There was no attempt to bite or hurt them, but we quickly learned Lhaso Apso’s don’t like to be treated as toys. Boundaries and supervision are a must if you have children and are looking to dabble in Lhaso Apso ownership. Also, be prepared for daily walks.

Lone Dog

Pepper is larger than life in that she doesn’t realize she’s a small dog. She is brave to a fault. One day she got loose and ran to our neighbors very large English Mastiff and challenged him to a fight. She quickly learned she had messed with the wrong dog when the mastiff pinned her down with his mouth. Lucky for her and us, Mastiff’s are gentle giants and all he did was hold her down with his slobbery mouth until somebody with some reason came over and diffused the situation she caused. Lhaspo Apso’s aren’t “dog’s best friend” and if you’re a multiple pet/dog owner they aren’t the best choice to be their companion. They don’t like their butts sniffed and aren’t looking to be your other pet’s Road Dog. They are content to be the only dog on the block.

Clean bill of health

Pepperoncini’s health has been amazing to say the least. She hasn’t cost my parent’s a dime at the veterinarian’s office. Even at her advanced age of 15, Pepper has some pep in her step. She still loves long brisk walks and to roughhouse with the older humans. She has been a very delightful companion to my parents, who take her everywhere. I do realize the days is approaching when she passes and my father says, “I’m not getting another dog”.

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