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George Lucas just called and he said he wants his Ewok back. The Affenpinscher has a lot of confidence packed in a little frame. They're well-suited for a family with a great sense of humor as these little guys are natural comedians. Affenpinscher's make a great house dog, but don't mistake that for them being inactive; they love walks. Training is not difficult; Affenpinscher's aim to please their masters.

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Stories From Real Life Affenpinscher Owners

My Affenpinscher Experience

Let me start off by saying that this dog has done wonders for my family. It has been one of the happiest and amazing aspects of our lives. I live with my wife and my beautiful 9-year-old daughter and we own an Affenpinscher puppy named Skip. A little over a year and a half ago we owned a Yorkshire Terrier that I’ve owned for 13 years. The terriers name was Sasha. Sasha was a companion to my wife, my daughter, and myself for many years, so as you can imagine this was an incredibly hard loss for my family to deal with when she died of Bronchitis among several other complications. However, with the introduction of our amazing new puppy, Skip, our family has recovered from the loss of our dear friend so much easier. This dog has brought life and happiness back into our home and I will forever be in deep gratitude to this dog for helping us heal. Throughout this article, I will be sharing our personal experiences and stories with you about our Affenpinscher puppy.

Meeting Skippy

When I met little Skippy he was only a few days old, I bought him from a friend of mine who bred dogs as a passionate hobby as well as a way to make a little extra side cash. Keep in mind that I was very lucky. Affenpinscher puppies are difficult to locate. Since only a few hundred are bred every year, you’ll usually have to be put on a waiting list and it can prove to be an incredibly frustrating procedure. However, I had the hook up with an amazing dog breeder, so I didn’t have to wait, and I was given a good deal on this little fellow. The puppies were registered through the American Kennel Club as a legitimate purebred dog.

Why A Purebred Affenpinscher?

My wife has always had a preference for owning a purebred dog. There are numerous reasons for her preference, She likes to know exactly where the dog came from. Having a puppy that was raised by an experienced breeder that properly cared for the animal from the start was a big one for her. Also, she is now able to accurately predict the size, temperament and care requirements for the dog that we own. Additionally, if something terrible were to happen, and a circumstance arises in which we would not be able to care for the dog. The breeder has a contract in writing that states that the dog would be returned to the professional and affectionate care of the breeder without question. It was also very important to us to receive this puppy from a breeder because our friend has always been there for us to answer any questions we have about our furry little friend.

Affenpinscher Temperament

Well, I promised you stories so now I’ll deliver. Unfortunately, I work a lot, and Affenpinschers do not handle being alone very well. To top it off, this particular breed is incredibly affectionate to its family. The combination of these personality traits resulted in a hilarious outburst of energy that I had the privilege to witness. So after a ten hour work day, I come home to Skippy, and he is a concentrated ball of excitement and uncontainable energy. I walk through my door and as soon as he sees me, his face breaks into the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. For the next 10 full minutes, I watched in amusement as this little creature proceeded to run laps around my house. This included him running as fast as he could, jumping on and off of my sofa, knocking over my lamp, and eventually becoming so exhausted to the point where he collapsed in my lap. He then flopped his tongue out of his mouth and took a short nap until he felt ready to go about his day.

Okay, let’s go after a not so easy to deal with the aspect of this breed. Affenpinschers, by nature, are quite stubborn. This is by no means a method of me trying to tell you that this is an untrainable breed or that you shouldn’t invest in this type of dog. However, I think it is very important for every family to fully understand the stubbornness of this breed. It will always be a necessity for any owner to understand the fact that Affenpinschers have very large personalities and they want everyone to know it. This causes them to be rather spunky, sassy and stubborn at times. This next story is not as humorous as the last, however, I believe it is important to share in regards to our current topic. Well, I attempted to give my pal Skip a bath (as you can probably tell already this did not go well) By the end of this bath, I was just as soaked as he was. I was so ready to do the entire process in less than five minutes and just get it over with. Skippy had a different idea. Five minutes turned into about fifteen minutes as I struggled to clean this thrashing and yapping dog. I might’ve gotten my entire shirt soaked completely through, but at least he smelled better than he did before.

Skippy has always been incredibly loyal, and very protective of myself, my wife and my kid. Despite his tiny size, he still gets very riled up when faced with anything that he senses as a danger. From the time he was a puppy we always made sure he had a large exposure to socialization of all types. I used to take him for walks around the local parks and well-populated streets because I knew people would more than likely ask me if they could pet him. But it didn’t stop there, remember how I said I knew an experienced dog breeder? Well, I would frequently take Skip over to my buddy's house to let him socialize with other puppies. Obviously, this guy had a crazy amount of dogs in his house at all times. To ensure that my pal Skip didn’t get too overwhelmed, we would sit in a room with him and about four or five other puppies around his age.

I very much believe that this early age socialization has done wonders for my dog. It’s also saved me a lot of headaches and it has given me quite a bit of convenience. Because of the overwhelming stress of my job, I try to get out to travel with my wife and daughter as much as I can. As much as we would love to have Skippy along with us, most times we are not capable of taking him. This is where the early socialization efforts really pay off. My wife's brother lives in the same area, we do and he owns a Siberian Husky. Although the two dogs are dramatically different in size, they get along quite well. In fact, it’s quite comical to watch the two of them play with each other due to the size spread. This has made it amazingly easy for my family to travel and enjoy each other. At the same time, we know our dog is being properly cared for, and will always have a buddy to play with him.

The Treacherous Potty Training

Let me start off by answering the question that everyone wants to ask. Are Affenpinschers hard to train? Well, in a word, yes. But there's a lot you have to keep in mind here. There are very few breeds who aren't temperamental especially during the potty training process. I mean, think about it, everyone who has ever had a dog has had their beautiful living room rug defiled by their loving pet once or twice. But there are two sides to this equation, as I’ve mentioned before, The Affenpinscher is an incredibly stubborn breed and will not be very compliant with your efforts. It was always very important for me to remember to always be a best friend to my dog whenever I was training him. Yes, I was stern with Skippy when I needed to be, only because it was the only way he would learn. However, I never once gave up on that dog, and I never stopped loving him with all my heart, even though it did make me want to tear my hair out the third time in a row he relieved himself on my new recliner. Above all, you can never lose hope and never give up, with the training process of this dog. The second this happens, the dog will realize that he has gained the upper hand and that he is currently the boss. This causes the dog to become incredibly unruly and hard to manage.

Now, I can say from experience that my potty training efforts for this particular dog were quite difficult to manage. However, obedience training proved to be far easier than telling him where he could and where he couldn’t use the bathroom. Partially, I believe this was due to the fact that the dog was raised in a very affectionate home in which he was never neglected and was constantly exposed to people. Also, I believe that the effect of early socialization of other puppies was incredibly beneficial for Skip. This could be because he learned how to react and respond to the other dogs and the people around him.

Why Do I Love My Affen?

If I’m not careful I could write an entire book to answer this question so hang tight with me on this one.

As I mentioned before, this little guy pulled us out of a deep rut. Anyone who has ever lost a dog that they’ve had for many years will know exactly what I’m talking about. My little girl was heartbroken when I had to tell her it was time to finally say goodbye to our dear friend who had been with us through so much over the past 13 years. This caused my family to become incredibly somber. We were so incredibly accustomed to living with a dog and always having a furry shedding pal to play with whenever we came home. There was a time in which we thought we needed to wait for at least a year to get another dog out of respect for the mourning process over Sasha. However, about three weeks after we lost her we decided that getting another dog would be the healthiest thing for our family. Yes, we still mourned the passing over our old dog. And No, we never forgot her, but adopting another loving and energetic fuzzball was the best thing for us.

Skip has a personality that can brighten anybody's mood. I’m not sure what it is about him. It could be his goofy smile, his crooked and out-jutting lower teeth, it could be his small size combatting with his incredibly large ego. Whatever it is this dog has it.

I told my daughter the one day that another term for Skippy’s breed was “the monkey dog” because of its unique facial features. Well, she thought this was just hilarious so she now has the habit of nicknaming the dog monkey.

This dog has just been an overall blessing and an incredible step forward for our family. We love our little Skip, and he never ceases to amuse us.

In conclusion, this dog has had incredible benefits for me. I find that I get up and exercise so much more when I have a dog to take care of. Additionally, I feel less stressed and more relaxed. When I come home from a hard day's work, Skip always puts a smile on my face just by watching his eccentric antics. My daughter also feels this same way, I mean honestly, Skip works better than giving her chocolate if she’s having a bad day.

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